Putting quality and market solutions first by using advanced technology, Primex Norway is the new generation fillet factory, situated at the most strategic point for reception of whitefish on the coast of Norway. Primex Norway produces high-quality products with great nutritional value. The fish originates from the unique resources outside the coast of Northern Norway. We are proud to be utilizing this fantastic raw material as the main source of our products.



No other Harbour lands the amount of white fish from the coastal fleet as the port of Myre. The well known North Atlantic Cod also called «Skrei» is delivered, processed and shipped from the port of Myre as the main first hand supplier to international markets.

Primex Norway is also producing salmon. Superior quality from superior raw materials.

Primex Norway possesses knowledge, secures quality and sustainability at all levels.



Primex Norway is a top modern and very efficient fish factory with a high level of automation. The level of technology makes the factory an extremely efficient unit at all levels in terms of quality assurance and output.
The production lines possesses the latest robot- and waterjet technology. Our flexible package solutions can be expanded on request and demand from our customers.


The factory is designed to process large volumes of fish.

This ensures that the processing can be done at the correct time when the quality and the access to the fish is at its best.
At the same time, the factory provides a flexibility that allows the production to quickly be rearranged to produce products in different forms and sizes.



Location is Myre, Vesterålen where the biggest quantities of fresh fish is landed in Norway.

The main species are cod, saithe, haddock and salmon. We have the unique possibility to produce both wild caught and farmed fish. The unique situation gives us the oportunity to receive the raw material at the ultimate level of freshness. The design of the factory is adjusted to reduce manual handling. This contributes to increased quality of the products,

In colaboration with entities within the same group, Primex seeks to also deliver top quality residual raw material from the fillet production which will become top quality food ingredients. This ensures that 100 % of the fish is beeing utilized and important nutrients are taken care of.


Complaints routines frozen products

Complaints routines fresh products


Primex International with its unique market position, Primex Norway possesses knowledge that secures quality on all levels.


General manager
Eirik Sørdahl
+47 915 15 130

Production Manager
Egle Jucyte-Reute
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HR Manager
Hanne Uhre Ellingsen
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Quality Manager
Robin Hansen
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Technical manager
Mikael Larsen
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Sourcing Manager
Vitalijus Reutas
+47 968 46 692

Primex Norway AS

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